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Koei Research & Consulting Inc. (hereafter “the Company”), as a member of the Nippon Koei Group and in line with its management philosophy of “Dealing with matters in good faith while contributing to society through technology,” has formulated its basic policy, under which we are committed to securing the safety and trust of information resources such as information technology used throughout our projects, and to maintaining the trust of clients, partners, and all of society.

In accordance with the philosophy and basic policy, we will follow these principles:

  • The Company shall take every means necessary to implement security management measures for all the information assets it handles throughout its business activities.
  • All Company employees shall fully recognize the importance of information security and comply with this policy while acting in accordance with correlating management criteria and procedures.
  • While especially recognizing the importance of information assets entrusted to the Company through its business activities, we shall make every endeavor to use these assets appropriately and prevent leaks.
  • When it comes to information security management, the Company shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • In response to new threats against information assets, the Company will continue to remain engaged in activities to improve its security measures and develop its information security management system.