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In order to guarantee the protection of your personal information and maintain the trust of our clients, partners, and employees, Koei Research & Consulting Inc. (hereafter “the Company”), as a member of the Nippon Koei Group, implements the following policy.

  • The Company shall handle personal information in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Act and My Number Act, as well as the guidelines and other legal requirements enforced by all related ministries and the Personal Information Protection Committee.
  • If the Company has acquired your personal information, it shall inform you as to why and how it has acquired this information and use it appropriately.
  • Fully recognizing the importance of safeguarding personal information, the Company shall guarantee that your personal information is secure by taking preventive measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leaks
  • In the event that your personal information is outsourced to an external entity, the Company shall provide the necessary and appropriate supervision to that organization in order to ensure that the information is handled appropriately.
  • The Company shall especially recognize the importance of specific personal information (including the “Individual Number”) while following stringent procedures for its use and preventing leaks.
  • All of our employees who handle your personal information shall do so with a complete understanding of the importance of protecting it. The company shall therefore handle the information appropriately and in accordance with our office regulations, which stipulate the proper methods for acquiring, using, supplying, and disposing of the information, as well as all relevant legal requirements.
  • Furthermore, while closely following securing trends, the Company shall regularly review how it is managing personal information and continuously strive to improve its system.
  • Point of contact for inquiries and complaints: Regarding questions, complaints, or disclosure issues, please contact the General Affairs Department.