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Message from the President

The world’s social problems keep getting ever more diverse and complex. A complex web of global issues in spheres including environment, populations, food provisions, resources and energy, wealth disparity, and aging impact one another.
Meanwhile, innovations from the digital revolution are changing our society at an unprecedentedly rapid rate. This wave of technological innovations, typified by IoT, robotics, AI, and Big Data, are noticeably spreading in both the developed and developing worlds.

For years, we at Koei Research & Consulting (KRC) have provided high value-added consulting services, offering outstanding insight and reliable commitment in diverse fields in consulting for social economic development. At this very moment, the professionals at KRC are leveraging their diverse backgrounds and specialties to ambitiously work together with local people the world round to make the world a better place.
KRC has to date toiled in the field together with local constituents all over the world while striving to solve social issues. Recently, we started thinking: With our accrued knowledge and awareness of the issues, we should be able to present new solutions by leveraging the new ideas and technological innovations heretofore unavailable. This culminated in the formation of KRC Social Innovation Lab, a new internal organization established to explore methods using innovative new ideas.

The KRC Social Innovation Lab represents a crossroads between overseas development and innovation. With special attentions to developing world, it will lead the way to innovate new approaches to solve global social issues and switch their future.

Masayuki Koyama
Representative Director and President
Koei Research & Consulting Inc.


Innovation according to KRC

Taking Social Issues and Transforming Social Systems

KRC’s constant driving forces are its unwavering ambition for social development and harmony and its strong passion toward achieving these goals.
Based on the KRC corporate mission of offering innovative consulting services while bearing in mind our goal to realize an affluent society, each and every KRC employee has internalized this concept. That said, we should still be capable of more. We at KRC will venture beyond the conventional knowledge of social development and practices to explore new ways to solve social issues.

KRC’s brand of innovation starts with a social issue and ends with a full transformation of the social systems. We take systemic transformation as our goal. Whereas innovation is generally thought of as being a technological concept, we approach it more from the local people’s perspective. Unrestricted to merely technology-driven innovations, we work to develop more efficient and effective alternatives to existing solutions. To KRC, the primary goal of innovation is to resolve a social issue, regardless of the means. Finally, we seek to make our efforts sustainable by using any and all means to transform the underlying social systems. We’ll consider public awareness campaigns or appeals to the national government of the country to push legal reform or introduction of new systems.

About the KRC Social Innovation Lab

Combining Issue Awareness and Ideas from the Field to Solve Social Issues

We believe that awareness of everyday issues and the ideas incubating in the heads of our employees in their field work around the world can provide clues to solving new social issues that arise. Thus, the KRC Social Innovation Lab will work to compile this awareness and these ideas from the pool of KRC professionals, who coming from varied backgrounds and specializations, and to mobilize knowledge and the latest in technology from all sectors. From there, it will pool this knowledge to solve the new class of social issues from beyond the constricts of the conventional knowledge and practices.

Maximizing Nippon Koei Group Resources to Validate and Proliferate Innovations

The KRC Social Innovation Lab will maximize the diverse knowledge base of KRC professionals along with the wealth of knowledge and networks, both domestic and international, that Nippon Koei Group has accrued over the years to drive social innovation. Particularly in Nippon Koei’s core technology sectors, including civil engineering, environmental, and social science sectors, the KRC Social Innovation Lab will connect and exchange staff with the Nippon Koei R&D Center (located in Tsukuba, Ibaraki) to build a structure capable of producing technological innovations as well. Also, the KRC Social Innovation Lab will endeavor to validate and proliferate innovations through Nippon Koei Group’s global network.

Becoming an Innovation Hub of international development

The KRC Social Innovation Lab aspires to becoming a hub for producing innovations in the international development. In addition to maximizing KRC’s field knowledge and experiences, we will discuss and collaborate with stakeholders in all sectors and industries who sympathize with our cause to resolve social issues through unique KRC-driven innovations taking out-of-the-box approaches.


The KRC Social Innovation Lab will establish multiple lab-based research projects to advance specific innovations centered around specialist teams of KRC employees. In addition, we also plan to proactively seek out joint research projects with businesses, academic and research institutions, local governments, NGOs, NPOs, and other organizations.
Once preparations are complete, progress on currently active projects will be shared on this page.

Contact Information

The KRC Social Innovation Lab is working on social innovation projects together with all businesses, academic and research institutions, local governments, NGOs, NPOs, and other organizations interested in solving social issues and beyond through innovative technologies and ideas. If you have an idea, technology, or skill which you think could solve such a social issues, please let us know.

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